Consolidated Pipe and Supply is pleased to introduce the Behringer Horizontal Miter Bandsaw to its lineup of specialty tools and equipment. This state-of-the-art saw expands CPS capabilities beyond the typical industrial and construction requirements to allow for precision fabrications and modifications to large pipe and piling.

Located at Consolidated Pipe’s Specialty Coatings facility in Bessemer, Alabama, Jeff Hallmark and his team have built a workstation that would impress even the most experienced fabricators. The Behringer bandsaw has allowed the CPS team to easily cut to very tight tolerances and difficult angles. Even in demanding nuclear applications, the Behringer was able to cut the absolutely essential parallelism. This saw is capable of cutting a host of non-tubular products as well including structural H-pile.

Precision accuracy means less waste, and less waste means lower costs for consumers. Fast and efficient operation means custom orders are processed quickly and properly. A 105-degree range of motion means that CPS products can be cut to solve problems other fabricators simply can’t.

Fabricators, OEMs, or clients having difficulty getting results with smaller saws and subcontractors may find the Behringer of value. Contact our Birmingham Industrial Group with any questions or opportunities you may have for this equipment.

Birmingham Office: (205) 323-7261