Three 8-inch Cameron T31 CL600 WEXWE .322-inch WT Trunnion ball valve modified with a buried service gear, 39-inch pinion shaft extension and tarset coated for buried service.

No matter what’s going on in the world, one thing remains constant – Consolidated’s ability to best the rest of our competition and turn a superior product in record time.

Recently, Kevin Pulley had a job that needed some valves modified and delivered in not a couple of weeks, but a couple of days.

To get the wheels turning, we had a hotshot come by and pick the valves up and take them to our fabrication shop ASAP. Once the valves arrived at the steel fab shop, Hank Adams, Corey Erranton, and the rest of the fab crew, knocked it out of the park. In just a few days, they expedited the job through the shop and pushed it out in a few days rather than a few weeks – and, you have to admit the valves look pretty darn good.

But, perhaps best of all, we were not only able to exceed our customer’s expectations, our competition had to sit there and watch because they could not move as fast as Consolidated!

Kevin Pulley doing a final check before the valves go out for delivery.


Working together as a team and helping our customers while the competition is more worried about their overhead and shareholders.

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