Consolidated Pipe is a leader in the industry for ID Linings & OD coatings that are required for just about any type of project. Our coating capabilities began with a need to better serve our customers so that our pipes are capable of any use. We built a 150,00 square foot personal coating facility in Bessemer, Alabama that provides our company with the room and growth for any order no matter the size. CPS can deliver pipe with coatings to match any job needed including epoxies, zincs, and alkyds. We provide ID and OD specialty linings for use in jet fuel and military applications.

CPS prides itself as being a hybrid problem solver. This means that through that own & operate all plants involved in producing a successful package for the customer, and can pivot quickly to schedule changes as almost always is the case. Our company can move and work with our clients to provide them the best experience and product available.

Speciality Coatings