Consolidated Steel Fabrication designs and manufactures natural gas regulator stations, meter sets, and other steel engineered products in our Nashville, Tennessee facility. Each product is assembled in accordance with our clients’ specifications or from engineer-approved plans and specifications.

Our Process

  • We begin with a professionally detailed, custom-made CAD drawing to ensure precise measurements of all components.
  • Parts are placed into a sophisticated jig system in order to maintain accurate alignment.
  • Appropriate parts are welded in place. All welding procedures conform to the latest API 1104 standards.
  • Once welded, all stations and meter sets are pressure-tested and chart-recorded to customer requirements and specifications.
  • The sets are blasted with a fine grit media to both clean and prepare the surface for epoxy coating.
  • Epoxy coating is applied and allowed to cure.
  • Finally, the station is packaged for shipment.

Our quality procedures are monitored and documented. The results are kept on file at CPS with a copy provided to the end user.

Dedicated to service for more than 50 years.

Have us manufacture your next regulator station or meter set.

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