Long Lasting Pipe Unions

The GMI, LLC Pusher installs couplings from 6” to 16” and handles all issues with fusion joints. The Pusher aligns and supports the pipe throughout the fusion process. This provides a well made and long lasting union of the pipe.

Benefits of the GMI, LLC Pusher

Pipe Ovality

Ovality causes issues for the fusion process. Clamping the pipe in a GMI Pusher will correct this condition.


Clamping both ends of the pipe into a pusher supports and aligns pipe so it can be fused properly.

Time & Safety

  • A process that normally is very time consuming now only takes seconds.
  • Crews have less injuries and jobs are completed quicker.


Using the GMI Pusher provides the assurance that a quality fuse is created initially and will not have to be dug up and reworked.

Installing Couplings

Current Method

The current manufacturer approved method of installation consists of using a block of wood and a sledge hammer. This is dangerous and can cause fusion failure. Some crews scrape the pipe so the coupling can easily be pushed on by hand. Scraping the pipe too much eliminates a tight fit that coupling and pipe manufacturers specify for a successful joint.


The GMI Pusher hydraulically installs a coupling in just seconds. Our process ensures a solid installation with only one scrape of the pipe.

Power Supply

The GMI Pusher is easy to use. It can be powered by multiple sources including hydraulic quick couplings of a butt fusion machine. A 12-volt or 110-volt pump can be used, or even a hand pump. Consolidated supplies them all.


To handle various sizes of couplings and pipe, use the inserts from a butt fusion machine with the GMI carriage inserts. Most contractors already have inserts. But if not, inserts are readily available from your local CPS branch to buy or rent.

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