Residential, Commercial, Industrial Water Meter Services

Consolidated Pipe provides a full line of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial water meters, design, and assembly services for water utilities of any size or privately owned businesses. We also offer full line meter reading support, including Walk-By AMR, Drive-By AMR, or Fixed Networking AMI.

We offer the best materials, service and components from the best manufacturers, including meters from:

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Water Meter Categories

CPS provides metering solutions to a wide-range of applications and utilities of any size. Including those for:


  • Accurate tracking of water use to stem lost revenue
  • Lead free for potable water systems


  • Access to the most sensitive commercial and industrial meters available
  • Vertical and horizontal installation options
  • Low volume and flow capabilities for specific applications
  • Lead free

Fire Service

  • Metering solutions for fire suppression - from single-family residential to large industrial structures - to ensure full water capacity when you need it most
  • Lead free
  • Flow irregularity monitoring to better manage water theft and leaks

Meter Testing

CPS provides meter testing at its Lawrenceville, Georgia location to help customers evaluate their current meter units.

  • Improves overall performance of water systems
  • Testing capabilities for any 5/8” through 1” residential meter
  • Ensure meters (regardless of brand) meet current AWWA standards
  • CPS will provide a test report on all meters tested for future documentation
  • Helps stem lost revenue to ensure customer is getting what they pay for

Metering System Network Options

Our implementation specialists can provide the necessary software installation and training for any networking need.

  • AMR/AMI (automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure)
  • Meter data delivered directly to your device
  • Proven reliability and upgradable for future needs

Walk-by AMR

  • Walking a system helps check integrity of the system
  • Automated handheld reading systems help in areas inaccessible to vehicles
  • All data to meet the specific needs of the water utility is collected via a handheld unit
  • Handheld device eliminates the need for physical access or visual inspection of meters

Drive-by AMR

  • Eliminates walk-by manual reads and reduces re-reads
  • Obtain more reads per hour with a a remote reading device installed in a vehicle
  • Vehicle-mounted device collects data from all nearby meters equipped with wireless technology

Fixed Network AMI

  • Comprehensive remote meter reading systems for office based control
  • Allows for remote control of water meters in real time
  • Reduces non-revenue water issues
  • Real-time meter data delivered on a custom schedule
  • Offers real time alerts for problems such as leaks, reverse flows, and disconnections
  • Can integrate with many billing systems
  • Greater front-end cost, but reduces feet on the ground, truck rolls -- and longterm expense

Dedicated to service for more than 50 years.

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