Consolidated's Industrial Division services the construction, commercial energy, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical, marine, mining, fabrication, steel manufacturing, coke and coal production, and alternate fuel industries.

We inventory pipe, valves, and fittings in carbon, stainless steel, and chrome alloys, under a fully maintained and audited quality systems program. Our fleet of McElroy fusion machines and trained technicians are capable of fusing through 65" diameter HDPE pipe and fittings.

We also offer a full range of e-commerce, on-site materials management programs, and customized 24-hour assistance. Our professional and trained sales staff provides special support services to meet the demands of your business.

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Specialized Services Include:

Fusion Bond Epoxy Coatings

Our Birmingham, Alabama fusion bond facility uses the latest coating technologies to ensure a quality, high-performing coating that better protects the pipe and your investment.

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Specialty Coatings

Consolidated Specialty Coatings has the capability of internally and externally coating carbon steel and ductile iron pipe - and any fittings needed for your project.

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Valve Automation

Consolidated Controls develops process control applications - from design to final assembly - for the chemical, mining, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, steel, water, and waste-water industries.

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HDPE Fittings and Fabrication

HDPE fusion service and technicians, polyethylene products, and custom structures for the Municipal/Industrial, Gas, Oil, AWWA, Telecommunications and other industries.

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McElroy Rentals

Consolidated maintains the largest certified McElroy rental fleet in the Southeast. Our elite fusion technicians and certified McElroy mechanics make CPS the premier HDPE supplier in the market today.

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Manufacturers and Suppliers

Strategic partnerships with only the highest quality manufacturers and suppliers in the marketplace allow us to become a one-stop shop for all your utility sector needs.

Job Site and Safety Equipment

Consolidated also offers a full line of tools and safety equipment to supply all your job site needs.

*Please note: Certain territorial restrictions apply on the products offered through select manufacturers. Check with your sales representative regarding product availability in your market.