Line pipe now offers Covalence shrink sleeves and Powercrete F-1 kits to complement FBE and Powercrete pipe orders. These products provide protection at the girth weld during the installation of the line. Covalence Sleeves can be cut to size at the pant and shipped with your order. F-l Powercrete kits are a 2-part epoxy resin that give extra hardness for tougher conditions where a break may be more apt to occur.

Covalence® heat shrink sleeves come in two-layer and three-layer construction for a wide range of applications. They technology provides strong mechanical strength and corrosion protection for oil, gas and water transmission pipelines both onshore and offshore.

Powercrete® F-1 is a liquid epoxy coating with a fast cure time for easy and quick application. It provides long term corrosion protection for bare steel and FBE coated pipe and can be applied using spray equipment or by brush, roller or trowel. Powercrete® F-1 is most often used for rehabilitation, directional drilling, girth weld protection, bends, fittings and odd shapes, offshore applications, patch and repair and potable water applications.

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