Consolidated Pipe recognizes the future concerns of water management and conservation. To help utilities and municipalities better manage their water consumption, we are pleased to offer our latest service to our customers: mobile meter testing. Our new mobile meter testing service will help utilities stay on top of meter service decline in large utilities systems and well production meters to optimize efficiency and stave off system down time.

Meters are the livelihood and revenue flow for a system. Industrial customers, mills, plants and other water systems buy water in the hundreds to millions of gallons of water daily—much more than what a residential meter will use over many years. When a large volume meter has a drop off in efficiency, the utility stands to have a major loss in revenue. With rising costs of water production (pumping, electricity) and the rising cost of chemicals for treating this water (chlorine, lime, fluoride, etc.), cost effectiveness and metering accuracy are ever more important.

Our mobile unit has the capacity of testing at low, mid and high flow capacities to ensure accuracy of flow rates. We offer assistance in test port installation, vaults, bypasses and other options of efficient services to help keep customers online without ever having to shut the customer off during test. Most tests can be done in an hour or so at minimal cost to the utility, especially when compared to potential revenue loss due to lack of performance or age of meter. If the meter doesn’t test within the 95% or better range as required, we offer to replace universal measuring elements to help the meter fall back in range.

Consolidated Pipe can set customers up today on a contract to have meters tested annually, in place, with very little hassle and down time. Contact us today and let us come out and help evaluate your system and see the potential revenue loss we can prevent for you.