Despite recent global events, our projects are still rolling. As a known leader in the piping industry, our customers look to us to deliver all the materials needed for their projects.

One recent project is a great example of our capabilities. We are proud to share images of a recent project for a big national utility – dual wall HDPE and coated steel pipes. These photos hardly do the pipes justice, but these materials are MASSIVE and took numerous large trailers to transport to the job site. If you’re curious just how big, the dual wall range pipe and fittings are 20”/14” and up to 36”/30”. The coated steel is 26”, 36”, and 42” ID and OD.

Although, we are pleased to share that we can customize every aspect of a project – from the pipe size, the coating specs and nearly any other variable to suit your project’s exact needs. CPS is always up to the challenge, no matter the feat. Contact us today for your next project.