Some jobs take time to come together, but our Chattanooga team would like to send a shout out to all the CPS office that have made this job come together for us.

Almost a year in the making, we began talking with the local water company at the end of 2019 about a new waterline that needed to supply their customers at the top of a mountain in Chattanooga.  The pump station at the bottom needed to pump water at 870 psi to overcome the elevation.  Yes, 870 psi.

The water company engineers needed some help to develop the appropriate solution for their application. First, all products must be NSF61 approved and AWWA approved products are not available at these pressures.  The second requirement was the steel line must have a continuous corrosion inhibiting liner for the full length of the line.  And finally, the third requirement was the steel line needed to be fusion bond epoxy coated on the exterior.

This is where Consolidated’s expertise and resources were integral to the project. Charlie Hamrick had the pipe that met the necessary specifications in stock in Birmingham.  Don Alford and our coatings facility took care of the fusion bond epoxy on the exterior.  Ronnie Barker sourced a sleeve to cover the interior girth welds.  Jay Mizzell and Chase Nagle took care of the interior lining to provide corrosion protection for the entire length of the line. We did outsource custom bends with 2 foot tangents to accept the sleeves at Tulsa Tube Bending. But since most of the project was handled in-house our team kept the project on schedule every step of the way.

The crew will finish welding the steel pipe for the water line this week. Up next – the sewer portion of the project.  Luckily, no pump station will be necessary to get down the mountain.

Thanks to everyone that has made this job happen.