Did you know that if your customers complain of consistently high bills, or you are concerned about unaccounted and non-revenue producing water that leads to lost income, it’s time for a Consolidated meter test?

Every water utility should know the accuracy of their water meters to ensure customers are paying their fair share for the water they use and that the metering system is in compliance with changing State regulations. Sample testing of meters from a system can also help determine if it’s time for a meter upgrade while revealing the overall “payback” of the Capital Expense for that upgrade.

Consolidated Pipe and Supply will help you improve your customer service and the overall performance of your system by testing any 5/8” through 1” residential meter in our Lawrenceville, Georgia shop. Our tests will ensure your meters (regardless of brand) meet current AWWA standards and customers are getting what they pay for and use. In each case, CPS will provide a test report on all of the meters tested for future documentation.

So, the next time you hear a customer gripe about high bills or your team is concerned that your utility is losing revenue, think Consolidated Pipe for a Meter Test. Talk with your CPS Rep for more details and to schedule a meeting.

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