At Consolidated Pipe, we are perhaps best known for our dedication to service. At all of our branches across the Southeast, we do all that we can to ensure satisfaction in every step of the process—in sales, fabrication, delivery, consultation, maintenance, everything.

Perhaps less well known is our dedication to solid manufacturing.

Founded in 1982, Vulcan Plastics was started to provide our locations with the highest-quality PVC products available, allowing us to maintain stringent controls over every aspect the process. Our key personnel have unmatched experience in the manufacturing of underground PVC pipe and are committed to ensuring quality control — from raw material to delivery of the finished product.

At each step of Vulcan Plastics’ production process—raw material selection, manufacturing, and finishing—we ensure every piece of pipe is in conformance with the applicable standards and requirements. Additionally, precision-forming accuracy and close manufacturing tolerance are checked throughout manufacturing to assure excellent joint integrity.

Vulcan Plastics has been extruding PVC products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 34 years. When our clients use Vulcan Plastics, they know they’re getting a product just as reliable as Consolidated Pipe’s service.

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