Valve insertion is a process that enables water utilities the ability to add a valve to a line without any service interruption during installation.

Consider this. Often due to safety concerns, possible backflows, health concerns, and loss of revenue – not to mention customer inconvenience – municipalities and water utilities should avoid shutting down a system, yet repairs may require it or so you would think.

With an insert valve crews excavate less allowing them to perform work in a tighter spot with minimal disruption for the customer. The insert valve is clamped and sealed to the pipe in the appropriate location. The crew will install the cutting tool to remove a section of the pipe (called a coupon) and with the coupon removed inserts an internal gate. The gate gives you more control and allows you to replace old pipe when the gate is closed or install new lines from the new valve without a system shutdown or loss of system pressure.

Without complication, insert valves will take hours to install – rather than days with older methods of repairing and replacing water pipe.

Consolidated recently completed its first 16-inch valve insertion and sees growth in this market across the southeast. Remember our insert valve expertise for your next project.